Matriix Scan Center Nanganallur

Matriix Scan Center Nanganallur is pretty much one of the highly recommended Scan Centre around the region. We provide Computer Tomography (CT) Scan as well as MRI at the most affordable price. Our CT scan centre and labs are of international standards and we have the latest state of the art technological devices that can easily diagnose whatever aliment you possess and provide you with detailed information so that you can easily counter it with early treatment.

Affordable and Best Scan Center in Nanganallur

We at Matriix Scan Centre believe in keeping health and would like to help any with the need of Diagnosing. We have the most sophisticated technologies to provide you with accurate reading and also the Professionals who would guide you in the right direction. Our Staff are all well trained and they take great responsibility in providing good Customer Care to everybody. So hurry up and give us a ring at
+91 98406 81351.

CT Brain Scan

Our powerful CT scan machine will map the entirety of the brain and will check for any irregular patterns or elements situated within.

CT Head

We can easily scan the entire head region along the borders to the neck to identify the factors regarding the bones, tissues and the nerves.


The region within the nasal cavities are explored to find out any risk factors within the sinuses and the bone along with cartilages.

CT Abdomen

Our device shall examine and analyse the whole abdomen region including vital organs like kidneys, pancreas and liver along with stomach and intestines for risk factors.

CT Chest

Covers a wide range of the major internal organs like the lungs, the heart and ribs etc to diagnose the internal damages or decay.

CT Kub

A complete scan is made of the Kidneys, Uterus and Bladders to seek out risk factors.

CT Pelvis

The full pelvis region is examined through to uncover problems within the bones,tissues or the organs.

CT Neck

Identifies the cracks of the bones and muscle decay or injuries within the neck to the upper part of the spinal cord.

CT Scan Spine

CT Scan of the spine helps to diagnose or rule out spinal column damage in injured patients.