CT- Brain

CT Scan Brain in Chennai

Brain is the base of all human activity; it is in fact the key of human existence. Brain though powerful enough to dictate our lives is still prone to diseases. Since brain is the centre of our life anything that threatens it can be fatal to our very lives. Therefore it is very important to analyse the risk factors concerning the brain to take the necessary precautions to identify and treat them as soon as possible. In 90% of the cases early detection of diseases such as cancer, tumour, clots and other infections will help to increase the patient’s chances of survival.

Matriix’s CT scan is a diagnostic tool powerful enough to create detailed pictures of the features inside your head, such as your skull, brain, Para-nasal sinuses, ventricles, and eye sockets thus helping us to diagnose and map the irregularities of your brain.

Matriix’s CT scan is one of the most dependable health diagnostic tools within the vicinity of St. Thomas Mount and even the city of Chennai. If you want a brain diagnosis with high a rate of accuracy then look no further, you can easily book an appointment with us.